About MOF Apparel



DATE:  MARCH 1, 2023

Wassup everyone my name is Javion Ward and I am the owner of Money Over Fame Apparel aka MOF Apparel. I started my brand in February of 2021 at only 16 years old.

When I first started to think about my brand i decided that it should be something that goes with the type of person that I am. I decided to go with money over fame because personally I am a person who’s kind of laid back. I want to be successful and be able to take care of me and my family. You have other people who dream is to become rich and famous, which is fine but that just isn’t for me in particular. I rather be able to take care of my family and give back to people who are less fortunate without having to be famous. Now obviously I want people to think of my brand and be able to look me up and see that I am the owner behind the brand.

During the beginning of my journey in having a clothing brand I started with two t shirts with just my brand logo on them. Then I did the same thing with some hoodies. If I am being honest now that I look back on it the quality wasn’t the best. As time went on I did began to make sure that quality would be my top priority. I would do a lot of research and try different things until I figured out how I can have good quality products and still afford it. Which is why fast forward to now I have done a “mini rebrand”. This includes better quality materials, better quality printing that’ll last longer, and even a more simple and professional logo.

The mission for Money Over Fame Apparel is to provide limited, great quality products at a reasonable price.